Friday, November 4, 2011


This blog is intended to highlight the work of Doctor Buzard Egaler and Doctor Steward D. Baker.  Doctors Egaler and Baker are both involved in the study of psychological dysfunction within humans, with an emphasis on the sexual dysfunctions and deviancy that may be brought on by cultural and environmental influences.

Dr. Egaler is a graduate of the William Bonee' School of Psychiatry in Des Moines Iowa and served as a member of the board of directors for the Des Moines Clinic of Psychiatry.  His ground breaking work in the area of sexual dysfunctions led to many changes in the way society view's sexual dysfunctions and was a cornerstone in the 2010 Presidential Report on Sexuality and Discourse in American Politics.

Dr. Baker is a graduate of the F.N.G. School of Medicine and Psychiatric Studies in Frankfort Kentucky. He has also served on the President's Council on Same Sex Development (2003-2011) and advised the Congressional study on Sexual Dysfunction and Deviancy (2006-2011).

In this blog the Doctor's will collectively reveal the research into their latest study "Same Sex: The Relationship  of Politics and the Bed Room".  This study will be available in its entirety during the 2012 Symposium of American Psychology (not yet scheduled), and will be released to the public through Amazon Publications.